Become a Seller Locker Partner / Affiliate

Partnering through our affiliate program is a simple way to generate new revenue from your connections while helping them 3x their reimbursement potential!

Working with 150+ Affiliates....

Benefits of being an affiliate

Earn Recurring Revenue

  •  Share a connection with us and we will share the profits with you.
  •  Monthly recurring revenue for the LIFETIME of the customer.
  • Designated sales manager assigned to you to close the sale.
  • Track clicks, referrals and commissions from your affiliate portal

Create More Value for You'r Followers

  •  Ramp up you'r content game with our lates tips & tricks in maximizing recoveries.
  • Influencers receive discounts and incentives for their followers to generate traffic.
  • Leverage joint marketing efforts to bring followers/sellers to your platform.

Leverage Our Tools to Help your Clients Succeed

  • Expand you'r offering without straining your resources.
  • Identify leaking points in your clients business and save the day.
  • Maximize profit margins for all of your clients.
  • Reduced rates for Amazon account managers/agencies.

Leverage Our Network & Resources

  •  With 3k+ sellers and $7B in sales within our pipeline we can generate a lot of potential revenue.
  • Take your business to the next level with a mutually beneficial partnership.
  • Bring your software idea to life.

Are you a good fit?

Seller Locker's affiliate program is the perfect match if you...

...Love Our Solution

Refer other sellers and earn a passive income. 

Get Started as an affiliate in under 15 seconds. Our team makes it super simple to refer clients because we do all the selling and management. 

Start making money within 30 days.

...Provide Other Services for Amazon Sellers

Let's schedule a call. We can discuss ways to integrate our tool with the services you are already offering. 

Provide exclusive rates for your clients/connections. 

Special incentives for your company and joint marketing efforts to create traffic for both our platforms.

...Have a large seller audience

Monetize your content and create a new source of revenue by including our Seller Locker tools and content in your groups, courses, emails, blog, and social posts. 

Seller Locker can help create content and offer special promos.

Have Other Partnership Ideas? Book a call and lets make it happen! 

Make Engaging With Your Audience Profitable.

Our top performing affiliates are making $2,000 a month.  Sometimes with just one referral. Monetizing your audience and content has never been so easy.

"After seeing success on my own account I casually mentioned SL to a friend of mine and sent him my affiliate link ...... a few weeks later I got my first payout. I was able to bring home over $10K this year with just one referral."
- Josh

Top Performing Affiliates


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© 2020 SELLER LOCKER. All rights reserved.
© 2020 SELLER LOCKER. All rights reserved.