amazon fba fullfilment fee increase

Understanding Amazon’s 2021 Fee Change

                                                                       Amazon FBA fullfilment fee increasing June 2021 

                                                           *Amazon FBA fullfilment fee increasing June 2021

The Only Report Built Specifically to Navigate Amazon’s Upcoming Fee Change

Fee Change Sea Change

Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned pro, FBA fees can be a killer.  As a seller on the Marketplace you’ve undoubtedly already established your e-commerce business, gotten everything up and running, accounted for all taxes and regulations, ensured compliance with terms of service, and managed dates, deadlines, and listing optimizations. You think your business is all set, but were you aware that Amazon has just announced a major change to one of its current policies which impacts all FBA sellers?

Our FBA FEE CHANGE Report is FREE for all Amazon Sellers

Thankfully, Seller Locker has come up with a solution! With Amazon’s recent announcement that by June 1st they will be launching a sweeping US referral and FBA fee change, Seller Locker has created a completely free report to help sellers not only plan for this change, but dominate it.

Our new page allows sellers to view a report of all their ASINS with current FBA fees alongside the new fees going into effect on June 1st. This report will show how much sellers are paying now, and how much they will pay once the changeover occurs. And this isn’t just an overview. We will break it down for you for each ASIN in your inventory.

That’s right; this report breaks down each item with the current fees and sale price, as well as the adjusted fees based on the new, upcoming price structure. You can see the exact dollar increase in fees and percentage increases, and mitigate impact on margins.

amazon fba fullfilment fee increase

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

Use this report to accurately manage margins and sale prices under the current marketplace fee standards, and also plan for the upcoming changes with precision. Basically, we’re taking out the guesswork so you can focus on the things that really matter, like net profitability. After reviewing your report, you can take actionable and quick steps to either raise prices, adjust reorder quantities, or possibly lower cost and liquidate the product.

We have also updated our free FBA Fee Calculator so that sellers are offered a fee preview based on both the current and new fees. There is official no more guesswork. Take control of your business in just a few simple clicks.

The FBA fee changes are coming fast. Let Seller Locker help you prepare your business. We believe sellers should work smarter, not harder. That’s what we’re here for.


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