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The One-Click Process for Recovering FBA Fees from Amazon

Amazon FBA Fees Reimbursements – FBA sellers enjoy the convenience of letting Amazon store, pick, pack and ship their orders in exchange for FBA fees. Sellers’ products are eligible for Amazon Prime FREE two-day shipping, FREE shipping, and more. Your customers benefit from Amazon’s trusted customer service and returns. And overall, the FBA program is a win-win situation for both businesses and Amazon.

But all good business partnerships are not without complications and challenges. What’s more, some business challenges are deeply hidden and go without notice for weeks or even months, creating havoc on your business profits.

One such hidden challenge is the often-missed fee miscalculation error for Amazon FBA sellers.

Here is how Amazon FBA Fees Reimbursements errors happen.

Every product has a specific dimension and weight. In some cases, Amazon may over-measure and over-weigh products; or even just take the average dimensions of similar products sold by other sellers.

When there is a miscalculation of fees, your product is being charged for a larger dimension or weight size than the actual dimension and weight. A simple $1 or $2 miscalculation spanning across the hundreds or thousands of units you ship each day, week, or month, can add up quickly. If the error goes unnoticed for a long period of time, think of the revenue your company has lost.

Ready to get your money back?

In cases like these, the fee recovery process has been complex and daunting for Amazon FBA sellers. Our team at Seller Locker experienced the issue firsthand and developed a suite of software tools to help sellers quickly recover fees. Once your account is set up and synced with Amazon, Seller Locker offers the one-click reimbursement claims process. It’s a time-saving, money-saving, fast solution. And so not to kick you when you’re down, Seller Locker does not charge a set-up fee or monthly fees. We only get paid when you get reimbursed by Amazon.

Here is a look at how easily fees can be miscalculated and how damaging this error is to a company’s bottom line.

Video Summary:

Potty Putter FBA Seller Fees
Seller increased product bottom line by $6 with Seller Locker.

Potty Putter Toilet Golf Game retailed at $11.99. The Amazon fees randomly jumped from $3.48 to $9.22, which added about $6/per unit to the costs. Seller Locker’s software quickly caught the mistake in the FBA Fee Audit and returned nearly 40% profit to the seller.

Why Choose Seller Locker?

Seller Locker offers a one-of-a-kind software solution and outstanding customer support. We do not charge any upfront fees or monthly fees. We only get paid when you get paid. Seller Locker tracks over $4 billion in annual sales which has translated to $75 million in additional profits for sellers due to fee reductions. We are also the only approved FBA fee recovery app in the Amazon App Store​.  The Top 100 Amazon Sellers​ trust Seller Locker!

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