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Join 3000+ Sellers who have increased profits by over $75 Million and taken control of their FBA Business using our easy-to-use software suite

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A Software solution, not a service

The perfect combination of software tools and Manpower

Recover More Money

Sellers can use our tool to dive even deeper and uncover more cases for our team to recover.

Higher Success Rate

With a platform for sellers to interact with our cases become more accurate leading to a higher success rate.

Automate Processes

Sellers are working smarter instead of harder automating FBA related manual task.

Every step of process Broken down and automated

Take the Mystery out of reimbursements

  • Maximize results without the workload.
  • Gain full transparency into your account.
  • Submit accurate claims with one click.
  • Increase profits by reducing FBA fees.
  • Fight for every last dollar and go after the balance of cases using our responder.
  • Built to manage the biggest Enterprise sellers and those just getting started.
  • Unique pricing structure fit for all seller types.
  • Approved in the Amazon Marketplace Appstore.

How We Do it

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amazon fba reimbursements

Reduce FBA Fees

We specialize in recovering FBA fees. We are constantly monitoring fee fluctuations and submit claims the instant we identify a discrepancy. We’ve recovered over $75M in FBA fees and prevented almost double in losses by correcting FBA fee discrepancies.

amazon fba reimbursements


Amazon’s responses are difficult to understand and even harder to respond to. We created a platform that reads and suggests responses to cases. With a click of a button you can push back at Amazon, fighting for every last dollar. We cover more than 70 scenarios to help you reach the full potential of your claim

amazon fba reimbursements

Enterprise Level Software

Seller locker has over $4B worth of sales in our clientele. We work with dozens of top 100 sellers to develop an end to end solution with features to automate every step of the reimbursement process, plugging all the leaks in your profits.

amazon fba reimbursements

Approved by amazon

All of our technologies are fully compliant with Amazon’s Terms of Service. We are the first Amazon approved reimbursement software, and you can find us in the Amazon Seller Marketplace Appstore.

SellerLocker is Trusted by Brands and Amazon Sellers Like You

Over 3000 (and counting) Amazon sellers trust Seller Locker software to recover more money, reduce fees and automate their FBA business processes

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amazon fba reimbursements
amazon fba reimbursements
amazon fba reimbursements
amazon fba reimbursements
amazon fba reimbursements
amazon fba reimbursements
amazon fba reimbursements
amazon fba reimbursements
amazon fba reimbursements
amazon fba reimbursements

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How TO Get Started

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Amazon Account

Once you sign up and link your amazon account, Seller Locker will automatically run reports and help identify leaks in your business

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Schedule an Account Audit

Get a personalized revenue reclaimation game plan

In our demo we’ll show you actual reimbursement cases, fees, lost inventory, measurement changes. and easy reports to show you what to optimize.

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Feel Confident

Within 24 Hours well show
you results

In as little as 24 hours, you’ll start to increase your profits, clarity and control over your business.

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Who Uses Seller Locker?

FBA Seller

Startup FBA Sellers

Under 2 Year

….love us because we help them create the operations of their business without having to hire five more employees.

FBA Seller 2

Professional FBA Sellers

2-10 Million

….love us because we help them create the operations of their business without having to hire five more employees.

FBA Seller 3

Enterprise FBA Sellers

10 Million

…love us because we enable them to focus on product creation and less on micromanaging employees

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Today to Regain
Control of
FBA Business

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  • 100+ signups last week!
  • We only get paid when you get paid
  • Over $4 billion in annual sales tracked in seller locker
  • Personalized pricing to fit your business
  • $75M in additional profits for our customers due to fee reductions
  • Create your account for free!
  • Over 200,000 accurate cases submitted
  • 70+ Scenarios covered by our autoresponder
  • Approved in the Amazon App Store
  • Trusted by Top 100 Amazon Sellers

What Our Customers Are Saying

We are increasing our sellers profits, they are recovering a ton of money, the tool does all the heavy lifting, and our sellers love us for it. Seller Locker allowed us to take on this massive project without having to expand our team!
amazon fba reimbursements
Lenny Ash
Amazon Agency Owner
Seller Locker corrected every sku that was getting overcharged. After that I was able to use the FBA Calclator to bring down my packaging size and increase my profits by 30%. With these profits I was able to reduce my list price get ahead of my competition.
amazon fba reimbursements
Charlie Dana
Owner – Vittorino

Case Studies

Enterprise Seller

See why hundreds of the largest top 3000 Enterprise sellers trust Seller Locker

Hello Casino

Private Label Seller

See how Household Brands increased profits by 12% this year

Amazon Agencies

Agencies are able to add more clients without worrying about how to add more employees to keep up.

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